Why the big deal about my Mini?

Our dearly departed Office 86 mentioned that the car inspection had run out. The interesting thing about McAdoo Police is they refuse to contact me to discuss anything. Had they inquired I would have explained that I was sick during the Covid epidemic and thought that I would never drive this car again. In fact, at that time, I thought that I had one foot in the grave.

I was bed ridden for months with severe leg pain. Because of Covid I had to settle for a Physician’s Assistant since my doctor was at the hospital constantly because of Covid. The diagnosis was always the same, they thought it was my pinched sciatic nerve and sent me on my way.

Depression set I and I plumped up to 264 pounds. One day while I was lying in bed, I noticed my right foot turning black. Turns out I had a massive, misdiagnosed blood clot that went from my groin all the way down to my knee.

After switching doctors and blood thinners my clot was cleared just in time to get Covid.

I felt like I had one foot in the grave and needed a change. The first thing I did was lose 80 pounds. After talking with my doctor, I decided to bring the Mini back out as a goal. I would slowly work on it and if I lost weight, I would fix the Mini up like new and tour the country for my retirement.

Obviously, things never worked out that way thanks to our corrupt McAdoo Police, and now you know the rest of the story…


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