McAdoo treats seniors like crap.

Who ever said hard work never killed anyone, never did hard work. I spent the last 17 years working as a Boilerman for the McAdoo Cigar Factory. Councilman Mary Labert was the company Maintenance supervisor secretary/office manager and usually handed out the day’s work orders, imagine that.

I was forced to leave my job due to a debilitating back injury. I have severe arthritis in just about every bone in my body. I also have a pinched Sciatic Nerve. Thankfully it is only partially pinched, problem is that the area is surrounded by arthritis so when inflamed it swells and further pinches the nerve.

If you see me working around the house, it’s only because I’m having a good day. This brings me to the ridiculous tickets given out by OIC DiVirgilio. This officer admitted on tape that he does not care about disabilities and neither does the Mayor of McAdoo. This would explain the 72 hours given to seniors to run out and take care of their properties at OIC DiVirgilio’s will. What a town!


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