Why celebrate the 4th?

Why celebrate the 4th when you give your rights away?

I keep seeing different can you find the hidden item in the photo while on MSN home page. Thanks to OIC DiVirgilio we have the McAdoo version. Can you find the “rotors in grass”?

The officer that cannot find a two-ton Mini Cooper has trained vision to spot these infractions. Since at least 50% of the McAdoo idiots voted for the quality-of-life let’s see what you gave up in civil rights:

  1. Before QOL we were given a notice by the building inspector with 30 days to comply notice, GONE! You now have 72 hours to comply.
  2. What if you’re old and need more than 30 days? Before QOL you were given contact numbers so you can work out your problem, GONE!
  3. Before QOL you could call the borough building for help, GONE! Nobody from McAdoo answers the phone, including the police.
  4. Before QOL you could go to court for an unbiased objection and get a ruling, GONE! The QOL gives OIC DiVirgilio the power to lie and change the law at will since the language of the law is poorly written in favor of McAdoo Borough and the Police.

For the record the vehicle frame mentioned in the ticket belongs to the Mini Cooper that McAdoo Police stole. Never received third notice just a court summons?


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