MPD Corruption

I closed the original website because no one cared about McAdoo. In fact, nobody cared about McAdoo and government corruption including all Schuylkill County government and resources. McAdoo Police can spot a rusty brake caliper hiding under my pine tree and covered in leaves but can’t spot a missing two-ton Mini Cooper, can you say corruption. As I start over there is a news article of how Butler Township told the powers to be that they should stick their QOL ordinance up their ass and voted it down. I will no longer provide examples of right and wrong since McAdoo and the Slusser Law Firm Solicitor will only do what is right for the citizen when forced as in communism. I will keep a simple blog just so McAdoo Borough can know how badly they suck! Wake up McAdoo, it may already be too late for a change. I am moving and find OIC DiVirgilio a threat to McAdoo. Police already have the cards stacked in their favor, free paid trip to court, free car, and gas, paid whether win or lose and a QOL Ordinance that allows them to become judge, jury, and executioner. The need to lie in court and discriminate at will makes this OIC a dangerous person. Wake up or live in oppression. A good example is I just received a ticket for high grass. The ticket is legit because I should have cut my grass already, but the Weed Wacker is broken plus my back just healed after about a month of pain. The oppression especially for the elderly is the time frame, 72 hours to cut my grass or another fine. What happens if it rains for three days? Wake up or purchase your notebook and follow McAdoo Borough Council around with your notebook like North Korea.

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